Giving gifts is pleasure

I love embroidering – for my children, for me and of course for family and friends. As birthday or christmas presents they can be sure to get something embroidered. Sometimes I even gift without a special occasion just because it is a friend like I did with my friend, her new self-made outfit and the fabric scraps she gave to me.

A month ago the reason for an embroidered present was a rather sad one. A colleague had an accident – a truck hit him while he was walking – but with some luck as he survived with bad injuries. We all were shocked and grieved and so I made a big zipper bag (Blanc by RockQueen) to collect the good wishes the collegues were eager to send. As adornment I put a cross-stitched phoenix (by Invididual Pieces) on it as a symbol for recovery and a hopefully motivating sentence. Of course a guardian angel (by RockQueen) had to be zipper charm. Now it seems that this really helped him as he is recovering better and quicker than was thought.

What other sad occasions are there that you do embroidery presents? What do you do?

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