Hunter or Collector?

I am definitively a collector as having already more designs than being able to stitch in one year this does not hinder me to collect further. And this already started before I even had an embroidery machine. She was ordered and I was looking for designs. With EmbroiderLibrary designs adorned things on Pininterest had inspired me to order my machine so I started looking at EmbroiderLibrary. It was love on first sight! So many adorable designs and so many detailed project instructions to all the themes I had questions to. I was tempted to start buying immediately, but I stayed to the recommendation to start with free designs to be test a designer. And being then still a bit shy I did not buy all sizes of the free designs just two of them as I did not want to seem greedy. That was in August. As I had „bought“ something in August I was part of promotion in September so I could by with a 30% discount and with that I was hooked. When my machine arrived at the first of October I had already bought more than 200 designs at EmbroiderLibrary. I would have been amply busy with them until the end of the year and most part of the next!

When my machine arrived at last I could hardy await to stitch out one of the beautiful designs and of course it was not the free one that I got first but one of the bought designs. Now, two years later, I have stitched out 40 of the first 200 designs that I bought – the others still await their use…

The picture of this article shows some of these early designs that I used – on towels, on shirt for my children and myself, on dishcloth or even freestanding.

And of course I have collected further and further since then especially as I discovered other designers as well… Later more about that.

Why has no-one warned me beforehand that the hobby machine embroidery is accompanied by the hobby of collecting designs as well? I wonder, if other ladies are experiencing the same phenomenon?

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