My first quilt

Around two years ago in November I was invited to a friends birthday party. As it was a special occasion another friend of hers had as a gift a selfmade patchwork quilt which I found quite impressive. Having just bought the elna excellence 680 because of the width inside and the many accessories – a quilt machine though I was not a quilter so far. But I took the chance to talk to the quilter lady to get know more about patchworking and quilting. The lady was more than willing and so enthusiastic about her course at the local adult education center that I was induced to book the next course in march.

But what should I make? I thought about different options for some weeks but over christmas I had the best idea. In preparation for our Africa Trip in the summer I had started to test stitch some Africa related designs by EmbroiderLibrary onto some off-white fabric. How about using these test stitchings with a nice contrasting fabric for a wallhanging? Immediately I started preparating by stitching even more designs – by EmbroiderLibrary but also at UrbanThreads and EmbroideryDesigns I found further designs. I also found some fabric in African soil colours.

Then in March the course took place. I wondered if I could finish the project during the three day course. On the one hand I was afraid that I would not make it on the other hand I could not imagine that it woutl take so long for just a couple of seams. Well, it was not only sewing, first I had to cut the blocks into shape and the contrasting fabric into stripes, measuring twice at least – just in case. Then sewing, ironing, sewing, ironing, and so on. During working I had to adjust my carefully laid out plan as the contrasting fabric wanted different sizes than what I had imagined. So everything was taking more time than anticipated. But at the end of the second day I was almost finished with the front. On the last day I managed to combine front, back and batting and attach the tunnel for the wall hanging. But before I could start quilting the course was over.

Phh, I had not believed that inspite my carefully planning everything would take so long. But I was proud of my work and was sure I would return half a year later with a new project. And I was looking forward to meet the nice ladies of the course again, as they had tought me a lot and inspired me.
The quilting at home was more exciting than I had thought. I used my feeding foot and my blind stitch foot but did not manage always to sew in the seams and the fabric puckered a bit. Perhaps I will redo the seams some other day, but for now I am contend as it is and will be happy looking at it hanging over our kitchen table. The children love it still even though the lable does not fit any more – we have moved from pleasant anticipation to full of memories by now.

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