Girls shirt Pia – the first one

Since my daughter was in prepschool, we sew together once in a while. Sometimes she wants to sew when her friends are visiting: a bag, a stuffed toy or a dolls sleeping bag we did so far. When my daughter best friend stayed over night the other day they had the idea to sew. But this time they wanted to do something to wear for themselves, as they are now – barely 13 – no children any more.

Well, if they want to do this challenge so it should be. They browsed through my pattern stash and chose the shirt Pia by pattydoo. As I had no fitting fabric we went to the fabric store. There was a sale with little fabric left so they found only one fabric that met the high criteria of the teenie girls: blue and white stripes with horses that are only on very close look to be discovered are unicorns. There were no matching cuffs so they decided to have bias tape. In the shop they could not decide wether they wanted white or turquise as the horses in the shirt so we took some of both colours.

At home I printed the pattern and the girls were putting them together and cutting first pattern then fabric. Both were working very concentrated and accurate. How I envy them their selfconfindence in cutting the fabric. For me the first cut into fabric costs me quite an efford and I have to doublecheck twice if everything is lying correctly. But the two of them had none of these scruples and were cutting quickly. Afterwards they needed a break and some time to play, so we postponed the sewing till the next day.

The following morning they started freshly with pinning an sewing with the serger, that I had threaded. The sleeves wer not so easy for us but we managed. Then it was time to do the seams and the question returned wether to use white or turquoise bias tape. After a long discussion they decided to do the neckline in white and the seam in turquoise.

Who was more proud of them, I do not know. Them, because they had finished their first piece of clothing, or me, because they had been working so hard and finished the shirt. We all were happy and wearing their new shirts they went outside to play and enjoy the wonderful warm autumn weather.

Upon leaving both girls wished they would meet soon again to sew another shirt. Well done!

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