Spacey three-dimensional bags for every occasion

Since I tried the first in-the-Hoop bag they have become my favourite project – as a present for friends, for my personal things (i.e. my electronical devices) or for this and that (i.e. zipper bag for my new egg spoons made of horn). I am especially thrilled by the three-dimensional bag by Individual Pieces. Doing them you have to very concentrated and work accurately in order for the bag to look good, but it is worth it, as there is so much space in such an adorable 3D-bag made in my big hoop (20cm x 28cm).

I have done a bag for my crocheting that I do during holidays which I decorated with a wording and some wool by RockQueen and a dab dancing skelton by Individual Pieces. Very practical is the eyelet for the yarn (a freebie from a facebook group). Cute is the fabric with the yarn on it.

What we need during our vacations is first-aid kid which is quite full traveling with 4 persons. Here I have done one with a font by MySewCuteFonts and the Medical Snakes by Ann the Gran. Especially cute is the backside fabric with the nurse hats which nurses wore in former days.

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