Horn – a special material

During our holidays in Danmark Marianne Blomgren asked me to join her visiting a crafting fair, which was very inspiring: the newest fabric trends, colorful yarn and thread, pretty embroidery and crocheting. At the stall of the Danish horn manufactury I was thrilled, but you could only watch and not buy. So I had to beg my dear husband to make an excursion to the factory. He was sceptical but to do me a favor he drove one and a half hour. It was a small workshop with shop attached. So interesting what can be done with horn. We all know the old vikings drinking horns and perhaps the pair of salad servers Grandma used. But I was thrilled by the differnet types of spoons. I chose 6 egg spoons which give a much better feeling in the mouth than the mother-of-pearl type ones my mother used, and horn definitely looks much better than the plastic ones we used so far. Also I chose a salt spoon which matches the salt bowl we bought in Africa perfectly as the horns are also from Watussi Cows in Africa. Furthermore I bought a nice brooch and my son wanted to have a comb in a leather bag.

As horn is a special material that has to be looked after well I knew I would make a zipper pouch for my spoons. I liked FruBlomgresn Zakka contest in summer so much, I thought of decorating the zipper pouch with the wonderful Zakka designs and so I did using also a blank pouch by RockQueen. But then the dissappointment – the spoons did not fit because when measuring I did not think of them being curved and having 6 of them.

After sleeping a night over it I gave the Zakka bag to the salt spoon which is now a little lonely in the big bag, so we will have to get him some companions next summer. And then I started to make a bigger pouch for the egg spoons. As my son was of the opionion that the Zakka designs did not match the egg spoons I decided to use one of Mariannes Easter egg designs that I had bought but not yet used. This was the opportunity to use one off the nice egg word without being Easter time. This time all spoons fitted into this eggsellent pouch – and we all are very happy with it.

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