Autumn Flowers Ballerinas

Ten Days ago I stitched the first autumnal Ballerina by EmbroiderLibrary. Seeing this my daughter wished for a shirt with Flower-Ballerinas – one flower for each month of the year. Now I started with the test stitching of the flowers as she is special with the colours:

  • For September a Black-eyed Susan, who could also be a sunflower,  sunflowers my daughter has been loving since she was a little girl
  • For October colorful Chrysthanthemums
  • For November purple Asters, who remind me of Alexandras song „When the last purple Asters bloom“ (1968), which my mother liked to hear when I was small

All three Ballerinas are adorable. I am looking forward to stitching the winter flowers. Before that I will stitch the autumn leaves ones. For the shirt I do not need them, but I like them and they will look good together with the Halloween-Ballerinas I have done lately and these new flower Ballerinas as a wall decoration im my daughters bedroom.

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