Halloween ballerinas

It usually takess me some time until I stitch out a design that I bought. But with Halloween decorations starting and theses enchanting Halloween Ballerina designs I bought, stitcched and framed in one day. My ballet-dancing daughter is exited, she just loves them! And she asked if there were more of this kind. Well, of course I showed her the collection of 34 so far.
This put an idea into her mind. She is part of the flower waltz in the next show and now wants a shirt with a flower ballerina for each month of the year. Such a good idea! Christmas is near and she will be so surprises …

Untin then we agreed on seasonal room decoration and I asked Embroider Library if there will be llike the witch-ballerina for Halloween also ballerinas matching christmas and Easter. They liked the idea and so I will be shopping in the future …

Until then I will do some more room decorations as trials for the colours and shirts.

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