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A couple of months ago I discovered an interesting fabric design in America by Lisa Bee. She is printing on fabric names and dates indivual to the customers wishes in different colour combinations. So very pretty! Immediately I had tons of ideas for the children – bags in different sizes and clothing with accents made of name fabric. But which colours should I choose? Which size of fabric would I need? Should I order at all in America? And as it could be only orderd via Facebook, should I do that?

Oh, I was considering the pros and cons for a long time, looking at the site, being inspired by the work of others in her fan group. Then Lisa Bee offered a fabric set to a bag pattern by XOXO Lauren that took my breath away – a picture print of a Leopard. I absolely wanted this. So I decided to undertake the adventure to order something in America via Facebook. It was also the first time for Lisa to accept an order from Germany, as usually she does not offer it because of the exorbitant postage as most people are not willing to pay that. While I was discussing the details of my order with Lisa, she release another fabric set for the Siren-Tote – and I had to have this also. When it came to the payment I was excited and afraid at the same moment. Then the waiting began…

After a week Lisa told me, that my fabric was on the way and so I was hoping, that the post would be careful with my fabric after having received 35 Dollar for the tranport. And I was so curious, and full of hope that it would be in time for my daughters birthday.

Well the birthday came but the parcel did not. I had started to think about how long I should give the post until I had to undertake retrieval steps when finally the postman came 14 days later. But what a dissappointement – he did not deliver my parcel but a letter from customs, where I had to go in order to retrieve my parcel. I was orderd to bring my invoice and my paypal receipt.

The very next day I went to customs because I wanted my fabric so badly. And I was lucky it was Friday afternoon so noone was there except me and the officer looking forward for closing time. When he returned with a little parcel I was almost a bit shocked as I had imagined the parcel to be much bigger. “What did you order?” the officer wanted to know. He wanted to see the invoice but I only had the paypal-receipt which wa not enough to him as he wanted to see the details of my order. So I had to unpack my order and to show him every piece and the matching detail of my facebook conversation.

While unpacking I noticed That Lisa had sent 3 presents to compensate the high postage:  patterns for dolls (one for each of my children), a lovey-Set and a reading pillow set, both complimenting my second tote fabric set. I was so happy and thanks to the matching fabric I could explain that they belonged to the tote set.

Finally I was allowed to repack and I almost was a bit conscious as the whole place was covered in bits and pieces from the fabric – but only almost, as then the officer wanted to know how many percent of cotton was in the fabric, how many square meteres I ordered, how much a square meter weighed. Honestly – I did not know either answer to his questions and so he decided what to write. Then he calculated the VAT which I had to pay before leaving.

Half an hour later I was back at my car – happy, happy, happy! My new fabric is special and I am looking forward to use it. And if working with it and washing it is without problems then I will certainly order again. Having learned a lot today I know now how to avoid such a visit:

  1. There has to be an invoice customs can look into.
  2. On the invoice the content of the fabric, weight and square meter is to be told.
  3. To an Invoice below 150€ 19% VAT will be added. Over 150€ an addional 8% for customs is to be payed.
  4. Presents must be cheaper than 45€.
  5. If Customs can see, what was ordered and if there is no customs fee to be payed, than the post will pay the VAT in advance and has to be payed when she delivers the parcel (with an additonal fee of around 5€).

But before I buy more name fabric, I must use this one. I will report!

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