A Visit to the Dutch fabric market

At the beginning of October I visited the Dutch fabric market again with my friends – just as we had arranged a year before. Then it had been cold but this time we had wonderful warm and sunny weather and so we could enjoy all the wonderful stalls – a dream come true for all fabric lovers and sewists. You could not say that I lack fabric, not at all, but it is so inspiring to meet all the likeminded people wearing what they have created and to see the newest fashion trends in fabrics and patterns. And of course I always need some fabric for one project or the other. Faux leather for example is very much needed for my in the hoop purses.

As always I went with a carefully prepared list but still did not come home with what was on it. I wanted to have autumnal designed fabric – leaves or pumpkins in autumnal colours – to take part in FruBlomgrens latest contest: an autumnal table runner. But there was not one autumnal fabric there as everyone was already preparing for winter and christmas. So would it have been a Christmas contest I could have bought dozens of fabric.

Instead I found a beautiful fabric for a blazer – black with colourful caskets which will look gorgous with a bright blue lining. I wonder when I will find courage to cut the fabric. Until then I just love to caress it and to dream of what I will have sewed.

It was such a nice excursion that my friends and I made an appointment for the next occasion in May! I wonder if I will have used some of the fabric until then? The fabric I bought last year is still lying in the box with the fabric to caress…

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