My first sew-along – Day 1

I have always been faszinated with the mythos of the 12 days of Christmas, and as I have liked English since the first lesson at school, I had to fall in love with the English Christmas carol „The 12 Days of Christmas“. When in the adventscalendars 2018 was a series to the 12 Days of Christmas, I had to collect it. Especially as the designs by Jewel Design Studio are so pretty

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A self-made shelf for thread kones

When I started embroidering I did not knew that I would need so much thread. I had started with a thread case by Mettler Amann with 96 kones (200m). But such a kone is used quickly, at least with the more common colors like white, black, christmas red and green, ink blue. So I bought the bigger ones with 800m. But those did not fit into the holes of the thread case. What could be done about that?

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