Quilting Day

Of Quilting I heard the first time when I watched 1995 the filme „An American Quilt“ with the young Winona Ryder, „Wow“, I thought then, „how much work that is, I could never done it“. Therefore I asked my dear husband, to buy a quilt for our bed, when we saw it at a market on Bali (picture of the day). Never had I thought that I would someday start to quilt myself.

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Workshop Day 3 – Bag for my cutting mat and rulers

At my first patchwork quilt workshop two years ago one of the participants had a self-made bag for her cutting mat and her rulers. I loved that idea and immediately put this idea on my project list. Since than I have been collecting fabric with sewing related designs and bought a small cutting mat (60cm x 45cm by Vorwerk) as well a several different patchwork rulers (by Omnigrid). And now I have finally found time to sew the bag.

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Workshop days 1 and 2 – Accessoires for the pirates’ quilt

After the excitement of my daughter’s needle accident at the end of my November quilt workshop I had planned to participate in the spring workshop without children. But because my embroidery machine is broken I could not finish my embroidery quilt pieces as I had hoped. So, when my son absolutely wanted to join me in order to make a pillow and a bag complementing his pirates’ quilt I agreed. Therefore he joined me for two days and was very busy.

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Where to put all the rulers?

That you need so many rulers for sewing I would not have believed when I started. But with time and sewing projects the need for rulers grows. By now I have a long ruler for cutting half the fabric width, French curves for adjusting patterns and several patchwork rulers. After a while there was the question where to store all those rulers to have them out of the way but at the same time always easy and fast accessible.

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